Our Hotel

Utz Tzaba is a beautiful beach resort right on the beach, near the small town of Monterrico, on the Pacific coast of Guatemala. It is everything you need for a perfect stay on the beach! A place to relax and enjoy...

The Rooms

The 10 hotel rooms offer spacious comfort. Choose the size of beds that you like (from regular to king size). The bathrooms are comfortable and have hot water and hair dryers. Standard we offer a double room. We can however add an extra bed.

The Bungalows

Our 4 bungalows provide the comfort of home. Each bungalow offers you full equipped living and dining room, modern kitchen, two bedrooms and of course a comfortable bathroom. A bungalow is the perfect housing for a family or a group of friends.

The pools and the Teo Torriatte Pool Bar

As a guest you enjoy a huge refreshing swimming pool and three separate Jacuzzis. We also have a pool for children. From the pool you have endless views right over the sea skyline. Groups of Pelicans fly over in the form of a V, a magnificent view. A drink? The Teo Torriatte bar has its bar stools half in the water, half on land. There's no better place to drink a refreshing beer or a famous Utz Tzaba orange smoothie.


The restaurant has a national and international menu and is famous for its quality. Of course fresh seafood is one of our specialties.

Hammock place

Read a book, or just close your eyes and relax for a while, with the sound of sea in you ears, our hammock place is just perfect for it!