What to do around Monterrico?

The town of Monterrico is a casual, laid back spot. You will find some bars and other hotels.

Make a spectacular tour through the mangroves of the Monterrico canals. Get up early and make a trip in a silent, small boat; you see all kinds of birds, fish and other animals. On a lucky day you have a clear view on 4 volcanoes.

Visit the Turtle Center in Monterrico Village. It is an interesting project of the San Carlos University. You can see crocodiles, turtles and other animals. Participate in the turtle races (to set the young ones free in nature again) on Saturday afternoons.

A stroll on the beach. Perfect during sunrise or sunset. And afterwards a refreshing jump in the Utz Tzaba Pools...

New activity!!
Utz Tzaba beach hotel organizes special boat trip on the Pacific Ocean for small groups.
Enjoy the dolphins, big turtles and sometimes even whales in their habitat. Just a mile from the shore.
The trip takes about two hours in the morning and is in one word fantastic.

Along the coastline seatutles are nesting 15-25 nests per night during the peak of nesting season. The nesting high season is from October till December. Turtle eggs are prized by local populations as a supplement to their income and diets. On nights that the turtles come to lay their eggs, competition for nests is intense and it is extremely rare that a nest escapes plunder. Turtle eggs are sold to local buyers who transport them to ceviche (a pickled seafood cocktail) restaurants in the area or Guatemala City.
In 2006 Utz Tzaba beach hotel starts a protecting project. Egg collectors are paid the current market prize for the sea turtle eggs by Utz Tzaba. Nests are usually between 60 and 140 eggs with an average of 84 eggs. The turtle eggs are then buried our Utz Tzaba hatchery and after a 45-55 day incubation period, the hatchlings are released into the sea.